Assignment 6 Part 1- Walking Motion Cycle

For this assignment, we are creating an animatic storyboard of an original story we will create. I’ve chosen to tell a bit of the story of Bloody Buckets, a family ghost story first told by my grandfather, Jerry Martin, also the protagonist in my tale. In part one, we were to create a walking cycle,Continue reading “Assignment 6 Part 1- Walking Motion Cycle”

Assignment 5: Animated PSA

For this assignment, we were to create an animated PSA along with the storyboard and soundtrack accompanying it. I adhered fairly closely to the storyboard in terms of design and layout but moved away in some areas for emphasis or closeups. Or because I decided to over-complicate the entire project and more than double theContinue reading “Assignment 5: Animated PSA”

Basic Animation Assignment 3- Storyboard

For this assignment, we were to create a storyboard in Photoshop based on the characters and environment we created. In Scene 1 (The Title Scene), there’s… the title. Technically an establishing shot, I suppose, it sets the scene in King Hugo’s throne room/swingin’ bachelor pad. In Scene 2, King Hugo the Nominally Intelligent has justContinue reading “Basic Animation Assignment 3- Storyboard”

Basic Animation Assignment 2- Character Environment

For assignment 2, we were to create an environment to have our characters interact in. As I wound up with a king as my main protagonist, I decided to set the scene in King Hugo the Nominally Intelligent’s throne room. Well, we can’t very well slap our cartoon characters into a photographic background now, canContinue reading “Basic Animation Assignment 2- Character Environment”

Basic Animation Assignments 1

This is the first post I’ve made about my Basic Animation class. For assignment one, we were to pull six character images for inspiration. I chose Hugo the Abominable Snowman, Henchman 21, the Juggernaut, the Monarch, Batman, and Marvin the Martian.   Then we studied the basic outlines and contour lines.   Then we didContinue reading “Basic Animation Assignments 1”