Basic Animation Assignment 2- Character Environment

For assignment 2, we were to create an environment to have our characters interact in.

As I wound up with a king as my main protagonist, I decided to set the scene in King Hugo the Nominally Intelligent’s throne room.

Photobashed throne room of King Hugo!
Photobashed throne room of King Hugo!

Well, we can’t very well slap our cartoon characters into a photographic background now, can we? This is no Roger Rabbit reboot!

The majestic bachelor pad throne room of King Hugo!
The majestic bachelor pad throne room of King Hugo!

Much better. As King Hugo is a bachelor, he has decorated his throne room to reflect this, complete with wet bar, pool table, and beer signs. Every single guy needs a good beer sign or two. In King Hugo’s case, neon signs. Appropriately regal décor.

Kevin, King Hugo, and the MDM, respectively. In case you've forgotten.
Kevin, King Hugo, and the MDM, respectively. In case you’ve forgotten.


My plan for their interaction is to have Kevin the Sidekick perched on the Couch Throne (TM, patent pending) when Hugo jumps from behind the bar and leaps atop the pool table to deliver a toast. Before the toast can begin, the Massive Dancing Martian comes waltzing in literally through the scene. (We should be nice to him, he’s still learning!) After crashing through the bar wall, obliterating most of the bar, he continues his dance across the throne room, knocking Kevin out of the scene entirely, while Hugo bounces with each jump, er, dance step, rather, before finally crashing through the opposing wall. Finally, Kevin pops up from behind the remains of the bar and King Hugo returns to his toast.


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