Basic Animation Assignment 3- Storyboard

For this assignment, we were to create a storyboard in Photoshop based on the characters and environment we created.

Title scene!
Title scene!

In Scene 1 (The Title Scene), there’s… the title. Technically an establishing shot, I suppose, it sets the scene in King Hugo’s throne room/swingin’ bachelor pad.

Scene 2!
Scene 2!

In Scene 2, King Hugo the Nominally Intelligent has just finished mixing a drink at the bar and bounds across the throne room, leaping atop the pool table to give a hearty toast. Kevin the Sidekick (TM) watches impassively, lounging on the ThroneCouch (also TM and patent-pending). He’s seen this sort of behavior before.

Scene 3: Toasting! Get it?
Scene 3: Toasting! Get it?

In Scene 3, King Hugo, using his creator’s love of all things terrible pun-related, begins his toast.

Scene 4: Enter the MDM

In Scene 4, the Massive Dancing Martian comes crashing through the wall, sadly obliterating most of King Hugo’s bar. King Hugo spins around in surprise, interrupted mid-toast. Kevin might actually be asleep under his mask, not having reacted.

Scene 5: Kevin Gets Swayzed

In Scene 5, the MDM continues his dancing rampage (“dampage”….? I’ll work on that one) across the throne room, inadvertently roundhouse kicking Kevin (assuredly awake now) as well as the ThroneCouch into the rubble of the former bar.

Scene 6: Gimme Three Steps

In Scene 6, the MDM, oblivious to the destruction around him, continues his dance across the throne room towards the far wall. King Hugo seems unsure of what is happening. Kevin is nowhere to be seen.

Scene 7: Exit Stage Left

In Scene 7, our friendly neighborhood annihilator, the MDM, has crashed through the far wall behind King Hugo.

Scene 8: Kevin…?

In Scene 8, King Hugo has finally noticed something amiss and wonders aloud what could have become of Kevin.

Scene 9: The Return of Kevin

In Scene 9, Kevin, shaken but safe, pops up from the rubble pile behind the bar.

Scene 10: Resume Bread Browning

In Scene 10, King Hugo, seeing Kevin is fine, spins to his original position and resumes his toast. The fasteners holding one of the beer signs collapse under the recent impacts of the MDM and it falls to the floor.

Scene 11: Closing Time

In Scene 11, we have the closing words drop from the top of the frame and take the place formerly occupied by Kevin and the ThroneCouch. King Hugo continues his toasting.

That about wraps up this little drama, bad puns and all.


BUT WAIT! I’VE FINALLY ANIMATED IT! I did make a few changes since the storyboard as I learned how to make a GIF. Take a look:

In the Hall of the King (YAY CARTOONS!)
In the Hall of the King (YAY CARTOONS!)

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