The Process

My clients want to see a slick, finished product and that’s what I deliver to them. My best clients understand that their advertising tells a story and want to see some of the process behind the final piece. Usually that means I go for a walk, do some rough sketches, then move into digital work. Here’s a couple of examples of the roughs and the finals.

I listen better if I doodle so, as I had our annual “Ducktober” event approaching, I let my pen wander during our annual conference day. Rough, quick sketches are how I start.
This is the final Ducktoberfest product. After I drew that sousaphone next to a hot dog the final idea popped into my head. After checking some photo references, I was able to build both “frau” and “herr” versions of my mascot design then fill the background with the rest of my flock. One of our marketing directors actually framed one of the posters after the event!
While it was cold, we didn’t have any snow on the ground in Dallas. Spring semester Welcome Week was coming and I was still thinking of snowball fights. That led to a cookie and cocoa fight concept sketch.
But why would you throw your snacks?! You need those for fuel! After creating a snowman in Illustrator, I realized he’d be safe in his snow fort enjoying his cookies and cocoa while everyone else went at it. This one was a lot of fun to draw.
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