T-Shirt Designs

Bold graphics, glow-in-the-dark, fun typography… Man, but I love t-shirts. It’s a mobile billboard people will pay you for the right to wear and can be a great conversation starter.

Photo of myself wearing and pointing to a Motörhead-inspired black t-shirt featuring the Richland mascot R. Möbius Thunderduck in white with the text "möbius" above and "Richland" below.
I’ve always been a band shirt guy and my work often reflects that. This Motörhead-inspired shirt featuring the Richland mascot R. Möbius Thunderduck.
Dallas College Richland Campus Student Life gray t-shirt featuring the athletic Thunderduck mascot holding lightning bolts with a "Student Life" tattoo on his arm and "@RLCStudentLife" text beneath.
This Richland Student Life shirt features two of my Thunderduck mascot designs and drove traffic towards our social media accounts. We had just enough money in the promotional budget to make the white portions glow-in-the-dark and who doesn’t like that?
Photo of a black t-shirt for the annual Dallas College Male Initiative Summit with the text "Male Initiative Summit" in green and white on a gray circular background. Around the circle in white text is "DCCCD • Richland • Brookhaven • Mountain View • Eastfield • Cedar Valley • El Centro • North Lake."
Richland is part of the MALES program (“providing mentoring and support to male students while helping them develop personally and professionally as future college graduates”) for Dallas College. I was asked by their leader to create a shirt for their annual Male Initiative Summit.
Photo of a brown "muscle body" t-shirt with breakfast items replacing anatomy: waffles for the pectorals, bacon for the obliques, eggs for the abdominals. The text "eat your breakfast" is written in syrup to mimic tattoos.
Inspired by “muscle body” t-shirts from the 90’s, I created this design based on the most important meal in my household. How will you get a good start to the day without a good breakfast? Thus the breakfast body was born, complete with syrup text tattoos.
Photo of a green t-shirt featuring an illustration of a gray jackalope with the text "jackalope" underneath in red.
A t-shirt design based on the mythical “jackalope,” an animal that’s part jackrabbit, part antelope, and all mischief. This was initially created during a weekly sketch meeting with a group of other artists before I took it into digital art.
Photo of my brother Drew wearing and pointing to a white t-shirt with an image of himself eating enchiladas and the text "Living the DREAM" on it.
It’s become a trend that a lot of gifts to my brothers are articles of clothing with their faces on it. I got his wife to surreptitiously snap a photo at their favorite Mexican restaurant and BOOM, the enchilada-eating shirt was born.
Photo of my dad wearing and pointing to a white t-shirt with an illustration of a rooster in a circle with the text "Rodney's Chicken Bullets" surrounding it.
My dad (modeling my piece here) works with a mechanic named Rodney that raises chickens and loves cartoons. Rodney sells his eggs to his friends under the name “chicken bullets.” A short while later, I dropped this design on a t-shirt for him.
Photo of a blue t-shirt with a pen illustration of Yggdrasil, "the World Tree," on it.
Sometimes a sketch works out well enough to make the jump directly to a t-shirt. This illustration of Yggdrasil, “the World Tree,” was part of an Inktober (“ink” plus “October”) series of pen artwork I did.

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