R. Möbius Thunderduck

R. Möbius Thunderduck, the mascot for the Richland Campus of Dallas College, was in need of a refresh. I started working on it a few days after I began at Richland and eventually it took hold across the school. Multiple iterations were made until I had a whole flock of mascots for different purposes. It was popular enough that the wrestling team made their own unsanctioned promotional items with the artwork. You know you’ve made it when people start knocking off your work.

With a lightning bolt to drive home the “thunder” in “thunderduck”, this aviator-inspired duck was the main mascot.

Athletics needs a more aggressive take on a mascot and this version of the thunderduck came to be.
Since our main duck was male, I decided we needed a female duck to accompany him.
Richland is one of the stops for the North Texas Food Bank Mobile Food Pantry where we hand out fresh fruit and vegetables to those who might not otherwise get it. Who grows vegetables…? A farmer duck modeled after my grandpa, of course.
Celebrating Richland’s “Ducktoberfest,” this flier showcases much of the flock I created. Did you know a college needs a duck playing a sousaphone as advertising? I did.
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