I love print. I had so many posters when I was younger that I ran out of wall space and had to co-opt the ceiling. When I find out my advertising has been taken down by someone and hung on their own wall at home it it makes all that 6000% zoom Illustrator vector work worth it.

A Richland Theatre poster I made for “Boeing Boeing” inspired by cutout artwork.
Partnering with several campus organizations, I created this flier for Richland Student Life’s main Black History Month event.
Student Life’s Welcome Week is an annual event where we load students up with irresponsible amounts of sugar and have mixer events. Makes for fun ad possibilities like this.
Cover design for the Richland College 2018 Fall Convocation program.
Richland College Theatre Department play poster, “Comes the Storm.” Update: This poster actually won Gold in the 2016 Educational Advertising awards. Huzzah!
This is the annual Moon Festival poster for Student Life and the Asian Pacific American Celebration Committee. Moon cakes are always good motivation for design.
If you’ve been to college you know the zombie feeling of finals week. This flier uses bright colors to advertise the “popup parties” Student Life sets around campus to keep everybody fueled up and finishing strong.
Working for the Richland Theatre department was always a blast. This digital manipulation/illustration poster advertises their production of “Waiting for Godot.”
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