This is how I got my start: drawing. It led me to my concentration on illustration in college so I’ve kept up with my hand skills because I love doing it. Luckily, a lot of that muscle memory transfers over to touchscreen tablets so I get to explore drawing in digital media as well.

My wife earned a master’s degree from UNT (while working full-time!) and the least I could do was illustrate her invitations. I know they’re the eagles but I used her favorite bird, the owl, as I wanted to brag on how smart she is.
My grandpa is an artist that painted signs and windows in west Texas for decades. My grandma always stocked their house with art supplies so I guess you could say they helped start me in the family business. This illustration pays homage to that.
My uncle Monte. “Hey, brother, put my head on Schwarzenegger’s body!” I chose Hulk Hogan’s body instead, complete WITH SHIRT RIPPING ACTION as it seemed more appropriate. Wouldn’t have started drawing near as often if he hadn’t got me into it.
I’ve always been interested in comic books and my favorite illustration styles, including hand inking and digital color, developed from studying techniques from these artists.
Given that my grandpa used to paint signs by hand, I figured I should take a crack at it some day. Luckily, my barber, Jim, gave me the opportunity.
I’ve always loved cartoons in addition to comics. That led to this quick sketch with digital color inspired by the TV show “Outsiders”.
“Inktober” is when many artists dedicate the month to exploring pen and ink drawing. As that’s my wheelhouse, I love it. This piece was inspired by the video game “Borderlands” and the art of Ed “Big Daddy” Roth.
Another Inktober illustration, this pirate came from a time I was playing a lot of Assassin’s Creed Black Flag.

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