While traditional media like posters and billboards still have staying power, digital media has rapidly expanded to take over a huge segment of advertising. With that in mind, I usually produce digital pieces for social media or web banners in addition to print for a campaign or specific job, paying special attention to ADA compliance rules.

"Pizza Place Throwdown" text. Image: two boxers with pizza slices for heads boxing.
Working in Richland’s Office of Student Life would often gives me the opportunity to do event-specific social media pieces that are just outright fun. This image promoted a debate of which local pizza place was best.
"Richland Food Pantry $50 Grocery Store Gift Cards. Apply at:" text. Image: Cartoon female duck with goggles carrying a grocery bag and picking up canned goods.
The campus food pantry was closed down due to the pandemic (as was the whole campus). To help the students we would regularly serve, we began giving out $50 grocery cards and used this image to advertise it on social.
"Richland Club Fair, 09/09/20, 11am–1pm" text. Image: Yellow cartoon man with baseball cap pointing to speech bubble with text inside.
Working at a college, for most events I make 8–9 different layouts for print and social, including this club fair image for Twitter.
While mostly digital, sometimes it’s just easier to physically write words in mustard and Photoshop everything together. This ad was for Student Life’s Fall “Ducktoberfest” event, an annual gathering for music, food, and prizes.
An infographic created for Richland’s Garland Campus. This was used in presentations, postcards and digital ads.
This was part of the award-winning campaign I helped create in concert with Richland’s marketing and leadership teams, running in print and digital for two years.
A former Dallas County Commissioner hired me to mock up a webpage for his business involving the Justice of the Peace. Based on the Texas flag and its colors, this was the mobile main page based on his specs.
My kid brother got married! Unfortunately, it was during the pandemic. They put off their reception until May in hopes more could attend so I created some simple graphics for event announcements online and attending virtually.

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